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Thank you for booking with


Organized below is everything you need to know going forward, including instructions on how to access and use the Itinerary Builder and the Client Portal.

**scroll down to view all of the contents of this page**

Ready, Set, Go

1. You should have already received a Welcome Email from us with a copy of your invoice and agreement.  A printed version of the invoice and welcome letter may also be mailed to the address provided.

2. To stay up to date and get ideas for your event, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram.  We post images and videos weekly that may be useful in your planning.

Use the icons below to LIKE and FOLLOW us.

Access Client Portal

To access the Client Portal, you'll need to first register, then you'll be able to login without repeating this process below.


Click here, then select Itinerary Builder on the Client Portal page. 


1. Click on Sign Up (directly under the Log In heading).

2. Register using the same email address that was used when booking our service, then create a password that you'll easily remember.

3. You'll receive access confirmation within 60 minutes (or within 24 hours if outside of 8:00AM - 8:00PM EST).

Note: You may be prompted to verify your email address. Please enter the code that is emailed when prompted.


You may add or remove any services no later than 30 days prior to your event date.

To modify your service, click on Modify / Add Services link located on the main Client Portal page. From there, scroll down past the options and complete the Addendum form.

For legal purposes, this addendum must be completed regardless of any verbal communication.

Once the addendum has been signed and submitted, we will email you confirmation of the change within 72 hours, along with with an updated invoice.


The final balance is due:

Wedding Events -- 14 days prior to your event date.

Other Events (Non Weddings) --balance is due the day of the event prior to the start of our performance.

You may make payments or pay in full anytime using the Payments button at the top of the screen.  Be sure to add your name and event date in the memo field so that your account is credited quickly.

Login credentials are required to make payments. Please email us for a guest link if someone else is paying on your behalf. 

Due to the demand of our limited dates, the retainer and all monies paid are non-refundable.

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Your Timeline


1 Day after booking with Flash Jam Entertainment
You may begin drafting your timeline, music, and formalities using the online Itinerary Builder.

*Remember to click "Save for later" if you plan to revisit your entries, and/or you are more than 60 days away from your event date.

60 Days prior to Event Date
Finalize and confirm any additional services you may need such as: Ceremony Music, LED Uplighting, Photo Booth Options, as availability may be limited.  Please notify us of any service modifications.

30-60 Days from Event Date
When you have more than 75% of the details confirmed, complete and submit your itinerary using the online Wedding or Event Itinerary Builder.

30-60 Days from Event Date
Schedule a virtual meeting with us via Zoom or Phone to finalize the details of your completed event itinerary.

Click here
to schedule an appointment.

30 Days from Event Date
Design template must be submitted for Photo Booth (when applicable).

14 Days from Event Date
Custom music, such as special mixes, ethnic, or online compositions must be submitted to us via email or by using either "Music Upload Tool" or "YouTube Link Upload Tool".  These applications are located on the Client Tools Page under "Music Tools." Check your invoice or agreement for specific due date.

14 Days from Event Date
Final Payment is due for wedding and large scale events. Check your invoice or agreement for specific due date.
Click here to pay online using a credit or debit card.
(Login credentials required. Please email us for a guest link if someone else is paying on your behalf.)

Mail checks/money orders payable to:
Cameron NewWorld
3571 E. Pleasant Valley Rd
Seven Hills, OH 44131

Wednesday prior to Event Date
You must finalize and approved your itinerary.
All music including special selections must be submitted.
Photo Booth templates (when applicable) must be approved.


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